happy friday! @ 11:11 AM

Happy Friday - hopefully it's pay day where you are because every store I've been in this week has been exploding with bright colors, it has me so giddy for spring!

I am loving the bold colors & stripes (and prices) on these gorgeous dresses from Nordstrom.

Anyways, have a great weekend! I will be super busy this weekend helping out at Blogshop, but I can't wait! I'll be posting about it on Monday :)

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big skirts @ 10:08 AM

Kate Spade (Wedding Belles)

I'd like to twirl around in these big gorgeous skirts!

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keds for madewell @ 10:19 AM

I just picked up a pair of these adorable keds for Madewell yesterday.  They have me excited for warm weather & shorts! 

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theHach @ 6:15 PM

When I was in elementary school & junior high, I'd be the one splurging on the mega gel pen set & the super jumbo pack of crayons (and arranging them according to color:) I still can spend an hour in the art store just looking at paper, stamps, & pens.  I think I finally found my soulmate art supply store - theHach, a mother & daughter duo based in Canada. Here are a few of my favorites.  

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Happy Friday! Meet Tommy! @ 10:06 AM

Happy Friday! This weekend two of our friends are coming to visit from Boston!  They are getting in late tonight so we are going to share a fancy bottle of wine. Hopefully I can put together a platter that looks as good as this to go with it!

Top picture found on Sprouted Kitchen

Fostering update!  Our sweet first foster cat Maya was adopted last Friday! It was great news but Tim & I were very sad to see her go.  Tim even said that when they picked her up and put her in the carrier on the couch, she seemed to be rocking it back and forth like she was planning a stealth escape. Anyways, we're on to the next one - meet Tommy!

When we first met Tommy he was quite the stinker, but after two baths he's cuddle approved.  He's so cute with his little mustache and loves to be held like a baby. He's definitely growing on us.  If you are interested in meeting Tommy, please feel free to email me at favorablemention@gmail.com. Thanks and happy weekend!! 

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Collections // Quercus Design @ 9:45 AM

Collection prints by Quercus Design. I love how nostalgic they can make you feel.

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no cavity club @ 12:17 PM

Growing up, my brothers & I always went to the dentist together.  We'd be in the playroom after our appointments and as soon as one of us walked in we'd all ask "Cavity club?!".  Flash forward 20 years and I still get super excited to tell someone "No cavity club!".  

// one. wisdom tooth magnets. // two. tooth fairy tee. // three. tooth fairy pillow. // four. tooth box. // five. tooth brushes. //

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