Cat Woman. @ 2:32 PM

If you asked me 10 years, 5 years, 5 months ago if I would ever have a cat - I'd probably say no.  I'm a dog person but it seems 2012 is about the unexpected.  I've been dying for a pet lately.  And with the 3 different apartments in less than a year, I'm not sure one can fit into my lifestyle.  So I decided to foster a cat with the blessing of my roommate & boyfriend.  It makes sense right? New York City, small spaces, mice, easy to take care of (fingers crossed!).  So last night, little Maya was dropped off.  She's a bit shy and very vocal but you can tell she secretly wants to hang out.  I haven't got a good picture of her yet, but I'll try to get one tonight.

Above photo is from a 1961 black cat audition for a black cat.

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