happy birthday p & v! @ 12:04 AM

I grew up with three older  brothers and being the only girl I definitely spent a lot of days crying but it also helped shape who I am today.  This week happens to be two of their birthdays, so I thought I'd share a few photos.

Today is my brother, Paul's birthday.  A quick fact about Paul - he is not scared to test out a theory.  He once pushed my baby carriage (with me in it) down our (steep) driveway to see if it would go down straight.  It did not. 

Tomorrow is my other brother, Val's birthday.  Val and I got along pretty well growing up - he would sometimes even play barbies with me!  This would always be fun for about fifteen minutes before he would exclaim: "Let's go to the nudie bar!" and the game would be over. 

And then there's Dan...I will spare him till March :) Anyways happy birthday to Paul & Val! xx